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OBSBOT's flagship Tail Air AI-powered PTZ 流媒体 camera delivers 4K video at 30 frames per second or 1080p HD at 60 fps with crystal-clear visual quality. 其大的2微米像素尺寸是1/1.8" CMOS sensor and advanced camera components enable higher quality, brighter frames and finer details with less video noise even in challenging, 光线昏暗的环境.

介绍OBSBOT Tail Air和Tiny 2(现场演示)

OBSBOT develops AI-enhanced cameras that help AV and 流媒体 professionals efficiently create stunning live streams. The flagship Tail Air 4K PTZ 流媒体 camera combines exceptional visual quality, 出色的弱光性能, NDI HX3支持, 灵活的连接在一个紧凑的外形因素, 而迷你2 4K摄像头则开启了网络摄像头的新时代. This session includes demos of Tail Air and Tiny 2 and explores how they fit into the 流媒体 ecosystem.


Dipping your toe into custom live media workflows is an extremely complex task, 而Norsk就是这样——现在比以往任何时候都更重要, 无代码的Norsk Studio即将推出.


与Teradek和BC Live Productions的对话


在这个来自TMT Insights的案例研究中, we delve into the remarkable transformation journey of A+E Networks, where the company reclaimed control of its media supply chain by bringing content management workflows in-house. A+E Networks collaborated with TMT Insights and leveraged the Polaris operational management platform to revolutionize broadcast and VOD edit workflows, 简化流程, 自动化手工任务.


Furtree系统, a leader in live流媒体 media server software that recently hosted a 流媒体 magazine survey on live流媒体 trends, 提供三个级别的屡获殊荣的Softvelum灵活流光.

Tech Talk: Making the Most out of BRIDGE LIVE with AJA's Mike Boucke

From facilitating live-event 流媒体 to remote production and beyond, AJA's multi-channel UltraHD and HD live video solution BRIDGE LIVE supports a wide range of 流媒体 and contribution codecs. Join AJA product manager Mike Boucke to learn more about this powerful device and all it offers for live-stream workflows—from ultra-low latency to support for NDI and more.

Telestream Wirecast 16 and The Next Generation of Professional 在线直播 Software

Telestream最近发布了Wirecast 16. This demo highlights some recently released features that that Telestream believes will prove game-changers in live 流媒体 production.

Create a Streaming Service at Scale Within Minutes with AWS Streaming Service Wizard

Vindral:可靠 & 可扩展的超低延迟视频播放

Robert Reinhardt explains why WebSockets technology is likely the best choice for your live 流媒体 and why Vindral is well positioned as a premier CDN in the low latency market.


Magewell的新Director Mini一体机, 便携式生产解决方案结合了多输入开关, graphics, 流媒体, 记录和监控在一个紧凑的设备. It enables a single operator to easily create visually compelling productions for live event coverage, 远程生产feed等等.


At EZDRM, we emphasize a strong collaborative aspect to problem solving. Innovation and ease of use have always been hallmarks of our solutions for service operators. 随着视频应用的范围和业务挑战的增长, we think that it is timely to re-emphasize those values within a more complete media solution architecture - an architecture that offers a sophisticated baseline for new services in conjunction with our industry partners.


Today's 流媒体 industry growth is being fueled by both increased demand for traditional OTT 流媒体 as well as expansion into new corporate and creator use cases. These latter use cases in particular are driving providers like Wowza to adapt and make video 流媒体 more accessible through easier, 更便宜, 更灵活的实现方式.


The Most Cost Effective and Lowest Total Cost of Ownership in the Industry


In today's competitive online video market—where quality of experience is table stakes—ensuring your team has the right encoder for your unique needs is key. Streaming data must be compressed for efficient delivery without sacrificing quality. While most encoders deliver on this requirement, they vary in terms of performance and feature set.


As more and more live 流媒体 content is consumed on a widely disparate group of devices—including both lowerand upper-end mobile phones and tablets, as well as smart TVs and 4K-capable set-top boxes (STBs)—the decisions around choosing a live 流媒体 encoder have grown more complex.

流媒体2023趋势引领者:WisePlay -播放

NAB SHOW PRODUCT of the YEAR 2023 WINNER WisePlay Playout is designed to meet the demanding needs of FAST and TV broadcasters.


体验LEXI 3.0 - the world's most advanced and accurate automatic captioning solution.


IP正在彻底改变媒体行业, 提供前所未有的创新, 灵活性, 和可扩展性. 获得IP传输的全部好处, 扩大他们的内容覆盖面, 并创造新的盈利机会, media organizations need an IP solution that delivers high-reliability, scale, 低延迟.

Doing Interactive Streaming the Right Way: Ultra-Low Latency Streaming at Scale With HESP

近年来, 高效流协议, 通常称为HESP, has significantly enhanced the cost-effectiveness and performance of large-scale ultra-low latency 流媒体.